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NPR and 2015 Predictions for Education

TEACHERS WITH APPS  comment on NPR’s predictions for 2015

Look’s like some really interesting stuff is coming our way!  As a teacher I like the customizable game platforms.  I’m already using some simplified versions of this but can’t wait to see what else is coming out.


Also, check out the special needs apps recommended by TEACHERS WITH APPS.  I have recently purchased, ‘STORIES ABOUT ME’, by Limited Cue.  There is so much out there now for children with autism, that it’s useful to have a site that reviews in such a thorough and detailed way.





We now have three recipes on Amazon, all at 0.99 cents! Over the next few weeks we will be promoting each of these to free books on select days, so make sure you download them while they’re free!

Check out ‘COOKING WITH LITTLE TED‘, easy to follow recipes for the Kids Kindle software for PC and tablet, with enlarged pop-up text making the instructions easy to follow.

Have a go at making Sesame Stars, Gingerbread Men or Ted’s Cheese and Tomato Tartlets!

More recipes to follow!

Please send any feedback or photos of your food creations to our website