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Princess Visits Autism School

Pupils at the TreeHouse School in Muswell Hill, north London, an educational establishment for children with autism were visited by HRH Princess Al Hanouf Mamdouh Al Saud, a member of the Saudi Royal Family. The Princess was interested in finding out how Tree House School, and its parent charity Ambitious about Autism (AaA), carried out its work with autistic children in Britain.

During her  visit she was taken on a tour of Tree House School, which was purpose built in 2008 and funded with money raised from parents and donors and which provides education for 90 children and young people aged between 4-19.   The school is renowned for its innovative and ground-breaking work with autistic children, and people from across the world regularly visit the school to learn more about its work.

Great advice for authors!

I’ve just been reading an article by Christine Fonseca, aimed at indie authors, and felt I had to post it on my site!

She offers great advice for any author, indie or otherwise, but many of her points really resonated with me.  As I sit at my desk procrastinating, being distracted by social media and other aspects of my day to day life/issues, she sums up much of what I have been thinking.

Here are some nuggets of her advice but do check out the link!  I have already promised my self that I will take on board some of these today!

  • Recognize your fear triggers
  • Let go of expectations and the past
  • Get back to basics – craft and daily writing practice
  • Set reasonable expectations and short-term goals
  • Do whatever you are resisting anyway!

Now that you’ve released your past and your angst, it is important to fill the void with happiness habits. Here are a few things that you may want to incorporate into your routine to cultivate the practice of experiencing joy in all you do:

  • Authenticity – you are not expected to be anyone but yourself on this planet. Take a moment to appreciate who you are, quirks and all. Celebrate the uniqueness of your point of view and remember that being an artist means bestowing your unique perspective on the world!
  • Service – nothing breeds happiness faster than being in service. How can you give back to others? Maybe mentor a young writer, critique something for a friend. The more “in-service” you can be, the more happiness you automatically create in your life
  • Movement – We writer’s tend to be stagnant, sitting at our keyboards for hours and hours. Make a little time, every day if possible, to get moving. Dance, garden, take a walk—just do something to stimulate your physical body. Your creative self will thank you for it!
  • Flow – Strive for more moments in the “flow” – you know, those cherished times when the words just pour from you and you lose all sense of time. Practice the habits of “free writing” everyday, giving yourself permission to write for the sake of writing…just like you used to do before you were published.
  • Meaning – Speaking of meaning, add “meaning” to your life. We are all so much more than the mundane aspects of our lives. As you put yourself in service to the planet, cultivate the habit of mindfulness and meaning in all of your activities.
  • Strengths – We all have gifts to share with the world. As artists, I think we have a profound duty to share our strengths. Don’t shirk away from this. Today, make a list of your strengths and give yourself at least one compliment daily. Yes, every day!
  • Gratitude – finally, happiness and gratitude go hand in hand. No matter how big the trials we face, we have things for which we can feel gratitude. Develop the daily habit of identifying and acknowledging at least 3-5 things every day with inspire our gratitude. Some days, this will be a HUGE challenge. But the more we find the little things that are blessings in our lives, the more we focus on our abundance and admonish lack.