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Kids Need Stories of  Bristol, UK, a leader in the online privacy arena, celebrates Data Privacy Day on January 28

The app developer members of Know What’s Inside, including ‘Kids Need Stories’ of Bristol, UK, creators of ‘Time For Bed Little Ted’ extend support to Data Privacy Day, an annual event promoting data privacy education. Members of Know What’s Inside are thrilled to participate in the effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy online.

“I love making apps for children. My business has prioritized the privacy of our users from day one. I’m pleased to support the efforts surrounding Data Privacy Day to help bring awareness to the importance of data privacy.” said Kryssy Hurley of ‘Kids Need Stories’. “I stand today with my fellow members of Know What’s Inside as we continue to emphasize user privacy and complete transparency about data practices so parents and teachers can know, up front, what’s inside my apps.”

“Know What’s Inside members are excited to celebrate Data Privacy Day. Our members have pledged to take online privacy very seriously,” said Sara Kloek, executive director of Know What’s Inside. “Their apps are designed especially for children and prioritize protecting user online privacy. They believe in the importance of protecting children’s privacy and educating others by being transparent about their apps and their data collection policies.”

Know What’s Inside is the largest community of family-friendly, educational app developers in the world. Over 500 companies from around the world are dedicated to helping parents and teachers find apps that follow best practices around privacy and comply with privacy rules, including the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA). The program provides companies with guidance on best practices, and requires each company to implement those best practices in order to display the Know What’s Inside seal on their apps. For more information, visit


I’m constantly on the look out for useful resources to help with my son’s special needs. I’ve recently purchased disco lights for the bath, as my son finds having a bath incredibly hard at the best of times, a sensory black-out tent and a bag of sensory goodies to take with us when we do manage to go out.


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