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The Fully Accessible Guide (US only) to Home Loans for People with Disabilities

The above link as some useful information and further links with information for anyone living with a disability in the US.

Areas the article features include: financial assistance, assistance for disabled veterans, disability and social security and home loans.

Thank-you to Brianna Ibrahim for flagging this up.



Autism and Sleep

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Thanks to Jenny Thompson at Best Mattress Reviews for the following link:

I know what it’s like to have a child who struggles with falling asleep and staying asleep and from talking to other parents of autistic children it’s certainly not unusual. Some of the things that helped my son were; a routine, a calming sleep environment, a bed tent (which made him feel secure) and story CDs. My son seems anxious to let go and allow himself to fall asleep and, once asleep, he wakes often.

I found this article interesting and very relevant to our needs. I also checked out the sleep blog on the site which I found of personal interest. Do message me if you have any further ‘sleep gems’.