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Great new website for existing and aspiring teachers!



tobecomeateacher is a new site which offers educators an easy to navigate platform, from which to learn more about teaching careers, training opportunities and specific resources.

The site is user friendly and contains a wealth of information for both aspiring and existing teachers.  Particularly helpful, in my opinion, is the fact that there is a panel of educators to impart teaching tips and career guidance.  A super resource – I’m sure this will prove valuable to many!

Why Reading Picture Books Matters

Another great post by Natasha Biebow:

Natasha explains what the brains of three to five year-olds do when they read a picture book.  Their neurons do a kind of brain gym that develops their ability to experience things from other people’s perspectives..

This is because, at this age, children are acquiring a theory-of-mind – an understanding that other people have thoughts, beliefs, and desires that may be different from their own.

Follow the link to read more!


Online Summer Camp!

I came across this too late – but what a wonderful idea!  Online Summer camps!  From making comic books or tackling learning challenges in subject specific camps to sharing Minecraft ideas!  What a fantastic way to keep kids engaged in their learning and to put them in touch with other children with similar interests.  For my autistic son, who often worries about leaving the house and will not generally participate in clubs, this is perfect.  Will definitely be checking this out next Summer!

NPR and 2015 Predictions for Education

TEACHERS WITH APPS  comment on NPR’s predictions for 2015

Look’s like some really interesting stuff is coming our way!  As a teacher I like the customizable game platforms.  I’m already using some simplified versions of this but can’t wait to see what else is coming out.


Also, check out the special needs apps recommended by TEACHERS WITH APPS.  I have recently purchased, ‘STORIES ABOUT ME’, by Limited Cue.  There is so much out there now for children with autism, that it’s useful to have a site that reviews in such a thorough and detailed way.





A recent Ofcom report highlighted that some parents were not aware that family friendly internet controls exist but that 85% of parents either talk to their children regularly about internet safety, apply filters or supervise internet access.

Talk Talk, Virgin, Sky and BT have all agreed to introduce network filters for all internet devices by the end of 2014. This will make it much easier for parents to control what their children access. For more information on this go to The Educational App Store Blog.