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Free Tools to Protect Your Privacy Online

A useful article by Paul Bischoff, detailing over 75 tools to assist online privacy.

This is a really comprehensive list, with many tools I wasn’t aware of.  Definitely worth checking these out, I’ll be trying a few in the coming weeks!

fiddle kit-0

I recently bought this kit, along with some other small sensory toys to make up a kit for my youngest son.  The kit consists of a Green Tangle, a Green Bendy, a Koosh Ball and a Globe Stress Ball.  We bought it from The Training Shop.  We added a few other toys that we’ve accumulated and which help relieve stress and anxiety when my son is out and about.


Another recent purchase was a Glow Crazy Doodle Dome.


We’ve only had this a few days and it’s already been well worth buying!  Apart from the novelty of using the light pen to draw on the inside of the canvas, it is working really well as a safe place to hide.  When my son can’t manage to talk face to face he will talk whilst inside the tent, and loves the fact that he can see out but no-one can see in!  When needing some quiet time, with little sensory stimulation, it is a great place to go.  It also makes a great den.  And it’s light and easily portable.  A great buy!!

petting zoo

Petting Zoo   by Christoph Niemann

I love this app!  It was one of the first I bought on my first iphone and I still love it for its quirkiness and originality.

It’s a great one for standing in queues, for the kids to play with five minutes here and there.  It’s categorised as a game but is more of an interactive picture book.  Niemann’s hand drawn animals morph into each other as you manipulate them on the screen and change in unexpected and often amusing ways.  Apps come and go on my phone but this one stays!


build a truck   Build A Truck  by Duck Duck Moose

I like all the Duck Duck Moose apps but this has been a favourite with my youngest son.  I love the way you can customize your truck, experimenting with the different features and the impact they have on the car’s ability to race.  There are different terrains for racing in and the option of an ever changing surprise track.


Chatterpix and Superhero Comic Maker are other favourites from Duck Duck Moose, both original, well made and excellent value for money.



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