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A recent Ofcom report highlighted that some parents were not aware that family friendly internet controls exist but that 85% of parents either talk to their children regularly about internet safety, apply filters or supervise internet access.

Talk Talk, Virgin, Sky and BT have all agreed to introduce network filters for all internet devices by the end of 2014.  This will make it much easier for parents to control what their children access.  For more information on this go to The Educational App Store Blog.


By the end of 2013 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people!


6 % of iPad users say they could live without it!

63% of iPad users use them to read books.

 Some studies show that children who have access to iPads do better in school that those who don’t.


Apple’s extensive catalogue of free educational apps are used by over 1000 colleges worldwide.

Divorce and Children with Autism:

Divorce is not an easy transition for any family, but for those with children with special needs there are additional factors to be considered.  Whilst most parents hope that their children may become self-sufficient, this is often not a reality and steps need to be taken during the divorce process to protect and plan for the child’s future.

The NAS provides useful advice, including solicitors specializing in special needs, for parents in the UK.  I am aware that much traffic to this website comes from the US and include a link below to a useful article for those parents/carers.   http://www.childlawhelpcenter.com/divorce-and-children-with-autism




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