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Check out Touch Autism’s recent review of ‘Time For Bed Little Ted’:

‘Time for Bed Little Ted is a sweet and helpful interactive bedtime story….. ‘

They also have some fantastic apps on their site to support children with autism.  I have recently downloaded ‘Staying Safe and Safer Strangers’, an app which teaches about stranger-danger.  It uses social stories to break down social and behavioural skills into smaller steps that are simple and easy for a child to understand. “Talking about getting lost and teaching about community safety can be a scary, or daunting task. These two social stories teach what to do to stay safe in the community with simple descriptive language and fun illustrations. These social stories provide a vocabulary for you to talk about these important skills.”

I am also intending to download ‘Visual Timer’ and ‘Calm Counter’, both resources which I think would work well with my son.

Have a look at these fantastic apps on their website


I have now put together a Teaching Resource Pack for teachers to use with the story, ‘Time For Bed Little Ted’.


Here is the first:               Time For Bed Little Ted Teaching Pack

The resources are free and offer teachers activities which can be used alongside the story. These activities currently include:

  • Time for Bed Little Ted Sequencing Activity
  • Photo Caption Activity (inferencing)
  • Colour Sorting Activity
  • Rhyming Words Activity
  • ABC Order Activity
  • 2 Writing Prompts
  • 2 Picture Templates
  • Ted Number Cards
  • Graphing Activity
  • Time Activity
  • Ted Roll & Colour Activity  


This pack has been put together with Karli O’Flaherty. Karli’s Store, ‘Oh So Cute O’Flaherty’ can be found here:


Best Apps For Kids has a great range of apps for various ages (preschool to High School!) and offers free app giveaways and reviews.

Best Apps For Kids




tobecomeateacher is a new site which offers educators an easy to navigate platform, from which to learn more about teaching careers, training opportunities and specific resources.

The site is user friendly and contains a wealth of information for both aspiring and existing teachers.  Particularly helpful, in my opinion, is the fact that there is a panel of educators to impart teaching tips and career guidance.  A super resource – I’m sure this will prove valuable to many!



QR Reader:  One of the most useful interactive teaching resources for adding QR codes to worksheets, task cards etc.  A spoken message can be recorded which will play back when scanned by the QR reader.  There are many more QR code sites which can be used to add extra text/information. has some great ideas!

Update: I’m still using QRReader on resources but have updated my 2016 teacher resources for Valentine’s Day Activities (see my TpT store) to use written messages, rather than spoken ones.

Ink Education Conferences:  Awe inspiring conferences for teachers in the UK!  Motivating & charasmatic  speakers in unusual venues, talking about creativity, making Maths magical and inspiring boys, amongst other things!

In support of the US Common Core curriculum, Bel Math Apps provide Math practice on both Apple and Android platforms.  The apps are easy to use, help teachers and parents identify weak spots and allow results to be stored in files and sent between parents and teachers.

The Flitlits:   A series of physical books and apps in Welsh and English, supporting a bilingual Welsh curriculum and used within schools in the UK .  They have striking illustrations and lyrical, humorous text.  They were created by Eiry Rees Thomas to assist multi-platform, cross-curricular learning and encourage analytical and critical thinking.  The characters are diverse and appear timeless in order to stimulate debate and to champion differences.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers are able to  buy and sell their own original resources, including interactive teaching resources.   The lesson plans, worksheets, task cards and many other resources provided are relevant and often of a very high standard.  There is also a community where teachers can share and adapt resources to suit their own needs.  I love this site and have my own store:    Home Page:

Thanks to everyone who purchased Christmas resources!  I have now updated my New Year’s Resolution and Valentine’s Day resources.  The latter has a pack for K & Grade 1 and another  for up to Grade 4.  There is also a Bundle containing both!

Stories about Me is a wonderful app from Limited Cue which enables children to create, edit and store social stories.  They are able to write their own text and elect their own photos.  These stories can be stored within the app or there is a link to DropBox.

TUCK – Advancing Better Sleep

If you’ve not come across this site I urge you to check it out! The quality of our sleep has such a profound effect on all of us, children and adults alike.

As I get older I have experienced various sleep issues myself, and my autistic son has recently completed a sleep programme with Cerebra to reprogram his sleep cycle. This website is probably the most comprehensive one I’ve come across in all my ‘sleep research’ for easy to understand information around sleep problems and resources which may help.

The link to the site is as follows:

The site also includes an interesting section on bedtime stories, with a selection of useful suggestions for parents.


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