So pleased that have used us as a case study!

Really recommend their site for finding voice talent.  The high quality, variety and value for money were excellent.  Alejandra was a real find!  Thank-you, ‘Voices’!


Check out Touch Autism’s recent review of ‘Time For Bed Little Ted’:

Time for Bed Little Ted is a sweet and helpful interactive bedtime story for tucking in your kids. It offers a calming and cute bear that has to get ready for bed. The child will help the bear as he puts his toys away, gets his pajamas on, and brushes his teeth. As he works through the steps of a bedtime routine, the interactive activities are simple and engaging to the story. As bedtime can be a challenging task each night for many young children, this app can help as a social story schedule and to better support a typical nightly routine. It also is very calming and perfect as a bedtime story.

The beautiful story was written by Kryssy Hurley. You can read more about her journey on creating this app on her website, Time for Bed Little Ted. She talks a little about being a parent of a child with ASD and her focus on finding a story that can support all children. She also talks about how this sweet story evolved into an Ebook and now an app that is available on an Android and the iPad. The hand drawn illustrations are done by Monika Suska. Other contributors for music, narration, and development include: Dan Budd, Jasmine Hyde, Antenna Studios, Alejandra Labraga Arbelo, and

They also have some fantastic apps on their site to support children with autism.  I have recently downloaded ‘Staying Safe and Safer Strangers’, an app which teaches about stranger-danger.  It uses social stories to break down social and behavioural skills into smaller steps that are simple and easy for a child to understand. “Talking about getting lost and teaching about community safety can be a scary, or daunting task. These two social stories teach what to do to stay safe in the community with simple descriptive language and fun illustrations. These social stories provide a vocabulary for you to talk about these important skills.”

I am also intending to download ‘Visual Timer’ and ‘Calm Counter’, both resources which I think would work well with my son.



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Review by ‘Best Apps For Kids’:


‘Time For Bed Little Ted is a soothing storybook app that is sure to help children wind down before bed. With a cute story and fun activities to enjoy, this app is perfect for children of all ages.’


Time for Bed Little Ted is a soothing storybook app that is a perfect bedtime story for your little one. In the story, parents and children help Little Ted get ready for bed by going through his nightly routine. With music that creates a calming feel and simple to use interactive activities on each page, children are going to love reading this sweet tale before bedtime.

Features include:

  • Text highlighting
  • In-story activities
  • Voice Record
  • Read to me/Read to myselfTime For Bed Little Ted is a cute storybook app that is sure to help little ones begin to wind down for the night. In addition to the easy to use interface and brightly colored images and illustrations, the developers have included soothing music and narration to help create a calming feel for the app overall. The activities included within the story are simple and help readers move through a bedtime routine which may be especially helpful for parents who have bedtime struggles with their little one. Overall, the app is very well done.For many children getting into a bedtime routine can be difficult, but this storybook app walks children through the various tasks that need to be done before bed. As readers help Little Ted clean up his toys, put on his pajamas, wash his face, and brush his teeth, they too are learning the necessary steps they must complete before bed. The developers have also included text highlighting and a variety of narration options for children to follow along and practice their reading skills which is great. In addition to the already entertaining story, readers will be happy to find short, interactive activities throughout the story. By helping Little Ted put his toys away, put his pajamas on, wash his face, brush his teeth, and read his own bedtime story, children are not only able to stay engaged in the story, but they are also learning their own bedtime routine. The developers have also included a coloring activity for little ones to enjoy in addition to the story.Priced at just under three dollars, this app is priced well for what you get. When you consider the narration options, voice record, in-story activities, and the coloring pages, this app is a steal. Both parents and children can agree that this is a great bedtime app that won’t break the bank.In addition to having an excellent, soothing story with fun activities for children to enjoy, Time For Bed Little Ted is incredibly easy to use and safe too. With simple tap and drag functioning throughout and arrows at the bottom of each page to follow along with this is a great app for children of all ages. The developers have also done a great job making this app free of ads and other distractions.
  • Child Friendliness
  • Value
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Quality
  • NO social media
  • NO external links
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO 3rd party ads


Our first App Store rating!

***** Brilliant!     

by ayonne

Time for Bed is wonderful! Engaging, interactive, compelling and at the same time, calming and transitional. Brilliant!


Kids iPhome App Review Link:



Check out our latest You Tube App Review.

Time For Bed Little Ted

Time For Bed Little Ted is an excellent app for little children to begin reading with as it features multiple ways for them to read and/or be read to, and even an option to record your voice, or record your child’s voice, so your child can hear you read back to them or for you to hear how they are pronouncing their words.

The “Read to Me” option from the main menu of Time For Bed Little Ted, will take the story and read it to your child with audio and visual cues. What’s great about this option is that it also features multi-language support, it will be the corresponding language chosen from the main menu. Another great option if you are trying to teach your child a second language or help them read in your own.

The “Record My Voice” option will take the main story in Time For Bed Little Ted and allow you, or your child, to record your voice for playback when reading the story. This is a great option for parents that are constantly on the go for work or for parents to hear back how their children are doing with their reading. Great for learning!

There’s even an option for your child to explore their imagination with the “Coloring Page” option. In this section, they can choose to color in a page from Time For Bed Little Ted or color in on a blank page. You’ll even be able to save it and share it with friends and family.


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