Time For Bed Little Ted

Time For Bed Little Ted is a story app created for young children.  Your privacy is of paramount importance.  This app does not contain any hidden surprises – no in-app purchases, no third-party advertising, no social media links, and no sharing of personal or location information.

This app contains a feature which enables you to record your own narration.  These audio files remain stored on your tablet and are not shared elsewhere.

Google Analytics is currently being used on the website to help us improve our app, but this does not involve collecting any personally identifiable information.

We look to COPPA for our Privacy guidelines and are proud to carry the ‘Know What’s Inside’ logo.

More information can be found on the Little Ted website, There are no links from the app to the website, which is for the use of parents.

Our aim is to create apps which are safe, enjoyable and educationally sound.  We aim for a quality reading experience, where your child is protected from inappropriate content.  If you have any questions regarding privacy, please contact us, through our website, with your concerns.  Alternatively email



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